September 13, 2016

Amelia the Dancer

We are here. The point in life where I can finally start taking Amelia to dance class. I am so excited and to see that she loved it has made my heart so full of joy and pride. I spent time teaching at Brandy's Studio of Dance, and I even had both of Amelia's teachers as dancers myself. I just love this full circle feeling.

She is in great hands. She is very tall. She is really good. She is a ham. She hates waiting her turn. (She cut in line several times.... oh well, let her show you how its done.) Proud dance mom here.

Poor Ben, he only had one year away from some sort of dance show while being around me. He had to attend and even sell stuff for Higher Ground Dance Company, then Tiger Dance Company, NOW... Brandy's Studio Dance Recital in May. I am sure he is thrilled!

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