September 13, 2016

Harrison :: 11.5 months

Dropped the ball on this one. Harrison is closer to 1 year than 11 months... BUT this is life now.

He just battled another Ear Infection last week and spent some time home with me. He was such a trooper. I swear, he might never have teeth. STILL NOTHING! He has four big round, about to pop, spots on his gums... Trust me though, even without teeth, he loves food.

He weighs 24 lbs as of last week. He is a sturdy boy with a raging appetite. After the first birthday we move away from formula and into the world of dairy milk. It will be fun, and less expensive!

Getting pictures of him was super hard, he is always moving, looking for a "ball" and it was raining out, so I had very little natural light to work with. 

Harrison at 11 months:

Still no teeth.
His first word (on repeat) is BALL
He points for things
He pulls up to stand
He likes to pull toys into the crib to play with
He headbutts be all the time
He loves noodles
He loves mandarin oranges
He love yogurt
He just freaking loves to EAT
He has been using sippy cups a lot
He waves at everyone (and dogs)
He plays with his sister so well
He likes picture books
He baby signs "milk" "more" "please"
He has lots of head bruises from trying to walk
He cruises on everything and everyone
He is a very happy baby

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