October 24, 2016

Harrison - 13 Months

Well, month 12 was a blur, so let us focus on month 13! Harrison is 13 months. He is so active and starting to show more emotions. He finally cut two teeth, in one night. It was a long night for us both. His love for all things "ball" and eating just continues to grow. 

We took a family trip to Indianapolis Children's Museum and it was so much fun! Harrison really got into all the sights and sounds. Their 'Playscape' room is amazing and I will go back often. We stayed with Ben's parents and Harrison slept like a rock. I love him for that. Amelia, YEAH RIGHT. She likes to get up to make sure Mommy and Daddy are sleeping. Then wants a song (and dance) to go back to sleep. 

Harrison is the sweetest baby, and if he is fed and has a clean diaper, he is content. 

Harrison at 13 months: 

He is 25lbs 12oz
He is 32 inches tall
He is in the 96th percentile for everything
He loves milk - no more formula!
He is kicking the bottles to the curb
He eats everything
He loves mandrine oranges
He 'says' AMEN after prayer for dinner
He is learning a few more baby signs
He says "ball" more than any other word
He points at things he wants
He nods yes
He cries when I say no! 
He stands and will walk while holding your hands
He will not walk yet
He hates wearing hats
He hates wearing socks
He loves pooping in the bathtub
He loves cars and makes a 'vrrrooooom" sound when making them go
He love looking out windows

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