October 18, 2016

Harrison Turned One.

Hello there blog. Yes, I know... you have become the red headed step child that I neglected. I am sorry. Here I am though ready to post about my son's first birthday! 

What's that?... Are you mocking me blog? Yes, I am well aware that it was almost a month ago. You can just eat it blog. Mommin' ain't easy.

Hope you enjoyed that mock conversation with my poor neglected blog. I really have thought about this blog so many times in the last three weeks. But, then I thought about a glass of wine and a shower instead. (Can I get an Amen from the SAHM/WAHM out there?)

So, Harrison, my poor second child turned one on September 24th and let me tell you, that day snuck up like the 15 pounds you gain over Christmas. His birthday fell on the Saturday of The Bluffton Free Street Fair and I just rode the free coat tails of that celebration for his party.

The theme - "Fair"
The colors - "Red and White"
Food - Popcorn, mini corndogs, cotton candy

We only did a small cake for Harrison since we planned on walking to the actual fair and getting fair food. Nobody seemed mad about that! We all enjoyed ice cream, funnel cakes, pretzels, lemon shake ups at the fair. Harrison rode in his birthday chariot stroller and got his sausage legs sun burnt and Amelia rode so many rides.

We had so many great family members in attendance. I am always blown away by how much our families poor into our kids. Thank you everyone for the gifts and visits! Enjoy pictures from that day. I will do a Harrison "12 months" post later!

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