January 2, 2017

Winter 'Break' 2016

I am loving this time at home, but to call it a break would be a joke. There is little down time with a three year old and one year old. They keep us on our toes and doing laundry always. Ben had a schedule that allowed him 5 days in a row away from basketball and with our family. It was amazing how much time we got to spend with him.

Amelia and Harrison got so many great gifts this Christmas, they got chairs from Land of Nod, a train table, doll house, princess dress set, play roads, and that is just naming a few things! Ben wanted an Apple Watch and was able to use all his gift cards to get it! I got a lot of cute things for the house and other great personal care items that I asked for (you know you are 30 when you ask for Probiotics and fancy skin cream).

Puzzles. They are what Amelia LOVES right now, so you can imagine when I saw a jumbo santa puzzle at Goodwill for $2 I got it! Ben has helped her with it more times than I can count. Each time she completes it, we cheer.

Ornaments. I am trying to convince Ben to NOT PUT ANY ORNAMENTS on the tree next year. They all ended up on the top half of the tree and Harrison thought so many were "balls" and threw/broke them. Hank the tank throws hard.

We spent our Christmas with Rosemary and Steve, I have been doing this with the Burman Family for (Ben and I just talked this one through and we feel old) 7 years! They always amaze me with their love for me and now my babies. I mean, I was Ben's college girlfriend and they got me an embroidered stocking, I think Rosemary knew I would be staying around! Poor Rosemary was sick on Christmas day, and we went to church and then came home to relax. She recovered enough to hang out with us before we headed home.

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