April 21, 2017

Changes + Books

I am not going to lie - the last 7 months or so were pretty rough. Team Ben and Amanda were struggling. We aren't perfect and we aren't ever going to give up on eachother. I think as we enter a new season of marriage I am able to look back and appreciate the frustration, busy lifestyle, pouring out until you are empty, hard work, and sometimes tears. I don't wish to live the last 7 months again and I can bet Ben would say the same.

There are two books that really helped me through the season: The Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith and Present Over Perfect by Shauna Neiquist.

Jennifer taught me to love my husband because he isn't perfect, and neither am I. She also helped me look into the chemicals I bring into my home. I have since revamped the soaps and daily routines for myself and the kids (Ben is not so excited about trying new deodorants or peanut butter). I have been a member of Young Living Essential Oils for two years, but mostly just bought the starter kit and some lavender every few months. After this book, I jumped in feet first. I am trying to use the least amount of chemicals possible, especially Parabens. It has been fun liberating finding new and healthier options for my daily routines.

Shampoo - Kirkland Shampoo & Shea Moisture Brands
Deodorant - Native
Face lotion - Coconut Oil (with EO - made myself)
Face Wash - Orange Blossom Face Wash
Body Lotion - Coconut Oil (with EO - made myself)
Toothpaste - Thieves AromaBright

Shauna is teaching me (because I am still reading this awesome book) that saying "no" is just fine sometimes. I have been slowly saying no to somethings and freeing up time for my family and myself. Here is a little video where she explains her book:

I hope this post finds you in a better place than you were yesterday and with your head held high in hopes of brighter days. I do not like living in limbo, but I feel like I am being molded into a flexible wife, mother, friend, teacher, photographer (and all the hats I like to wear) because of it. 

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