April 21, 2017

Missing the Raiderdome

I have a love/hate relationship with being a coach's wife.

The loneliness is real. The discussion about players, schedules, games, dinner plans, team meals, and picking up the coaching suits from the dry cleaner can get old.

But... the talent, love, commitment, and example Ben gets to share is amazing.

He really is the best coach. He is already talking about next season and the ideas he has for his players and staff. He is actually at a coaching clinic RIGHT NOW to grow in his talent.

We are proud of our coach and though I don't always like the time commitment, doing what he loves make him happy and a better person for it. The kids see him working hard, and they love cheering him on at games. I am going to bottle up this feeling as a reminder during the long days of February 2018.

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