June 8, 2017

Dance Show

Amelia loved her first year of dance. She focused on tap and jazz. The did introduce some gymnastics and that was fun. Towards the end of the year I had to wrangle hold Harrison so he didn't try and join the tumbling at the end of class. Amelia and I clearly both got a workout.

I took pictures during the dress rehearsals so I could be present at the show. Then a failed communication of timing made it so I had to take Harrison to the said dress rehearsal. Other moms helped hold him, until he peed through his clothes. I am clearly up for mom of the year since I didn't pack a stitch of clothing for the boy, but had about four outfits for Amelia (granted most were for the show...and had sequins). So Harrison danced in the aisle with his sisters pink ballerina shirt, inside out to help me not feel so bad, and no pants...or shoes. ALL WHILE I TOOK THESE PICTURES. Amelia, someday when you are in your twenties as a young mom, please read this and appreciate the multitasking that had to happen behind this camera.

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