June 30, 2017

Four and Fabulous

Amelia is four.


She is so sassy these days, but on her best days I am just floored by her love for everyone and her imagination. On her worst days I am also floored by her fierce temper, made faces, and new verbiage. [Duh + Whatever are her new go to comebacks.]

She loves dressing up and doing crafts. She will paint all the things. Lately she has been asking to steal grab big rocks from walks, or the library parking lot, and paint them when we get home. I actually love this because I can decorate my home with these art pieces.

Amelia has given up on naps. Sad day for me. Instead, she does "quiet time" and will play or watch Youtube kids. This is great and she is much like her parents when it comes to playing with friends, but also needing time alone. She will play with dolls or her little ponies and to hear her have them talk is pure joy to me.

We celebrated her birthday week! Before her big day she spent the afternoon with her Aunt Lindsay and cousins. They played on the trampoline and in the sprinkler. On her birthday she woke up to a decorated house and a NEW BIKE! Her uncles came to visit on her actual birthday, then we rented a bounce house and took it to her baby sitter's house for ALL the kids to play with. They also swam there. Then we had dinner and she opened a few more presents. Then the following weekend MORE PRESENTS at the lake! My mom got her a ball pit that has a tunnel and tent [and 200 small balls that find their way into my smallest spaces.... and Amelia/Harrison's heart]. My dad got her a doll that actually pees. Yes, I then bought cloth diapers for that doll. The Burman side of the family got Amelia a Jeep Power Wheel and that is the gift that keeps giving since Amelia will drive Harrison around. I love it all!

There were lots of cards and calls and Amelia is just so loved.

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