June 9, 2017

Harrison's First Hair Cut

There is not a lot to post about this, it is more for documentation. I love Harrison's hair. It is strawberry blonde (temper to match) and has a few curls. It also grows in the form of a mohawk. His cowlicks are dominant and seem to be working against each other. It was time for a trim since it was getting in his eyes. We decided to meet daddy at the Great Clips where he gets his hair cut and do the deed.

Harrison sat on Ben's lap. He did such a great job! To help him sit still, I got a smoothie to drink in moment of "I really need him to sit still for this part" and it worked! Amelia didn't get her first hair cut until she was much older and could listen to instructions, so this was a new one for me.

He is such a stud now - he also looks about 15, especially in his cargo shorts and polo. Swoon.

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