September 10, 2017

Loon Lake Labor Day 2017

I just love some alliteration.

We realized at the lake last weekend that it was seven years ago that Ben proposed at Loon Lake. How our lives have changed since that great weekend just blows my mind, and makes me so thankful. The kids crawled in bed with us on the morning of Labor Day and just wanted cuddles and laughs. Seven years ago, I was relishing in my new ring, planning our wedding in my head. I was thinking about how our lives would unfold together.

Here in the present, I realized my imagination could never come up with the much amazingness. We are so lucky and we just love Loon Lake because of all the memories created. The kids are at a great age of playing "together" or at least a few minutes at a time of enjoying each other.

Harrison is now LOVING the lake and jumping in the water. For a long time he hated the bottom of the lake. He would feel it and pull his feet up and say "YUCK YUCK" and it was hilarious. Well, he discovered the sand and pebbles from a new angle and now will just run in, and out of the lake. He also hates clothes, so there was a naked baby (wearing a floaty) running in, and out of the lake. I am not going to squash those baby dreams.

We really enjoyed playing with cousins and our Burman/Seder clan. Amelia could follow her cousins around all day (and night if we let her) and there was a lot of kayaking with the family along with swimming. We are so grateful for Rosemary and Steve! They allow us to come up and crash in their lake house, and even watch our kids when we want to go next door to hang out with our friends.

It was a refreshing weekend. We are now buckling down for the craziness that is Fall in a photography business, and the start of workouts/conditioning for basketball.

Playing with the drone!  

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