November 7, 2017

Falling Leaves and Falling Behind

The colors of Fall are upon us and I am just getting around to touching base with my blog family. I love this blog for more than just the connections but for the opportunity to look back and enjoy past memories.

I do get mad when I just can't keep up with life and documenting it. So forgive my less than dazzling stories and quick images, but I am busy being present. The following is a quick update on life and documentation that Harrison is actually 2 years old!

Ben graduates from graduate school next month. Next. Month. I am so thankful for his determination and drive. He took his administrator's License test early in October and we are still waiting for the results (I am confident in his awesome abilities, and I saw him working hard to study!). We are excited to see him graduate and walk across that stage.

Amelia is loving school and is taking dance again this year. She is actually pretty good and when she makes up new moves during dance parties, I will ask her "Amelia, how did you learn that!?" and she just responds with "God put it in my brain." That girl, she gets me every time.

Harrison is two years old. Though I should feel bad for not blogging his party sooner, I guess I can find solace in knowing that he hasn't even had his two year "wellness" child appointment yet, [it's next week] so I am basically early. Ha.

Harrison at Two Years

He loves to eat
He dislikes tomatoes
He asks full questions
He loves saying please and thank you
He hates saying "sorry"
He rubs his neck, mommy's neck, and daddy's neck for comfort
He still sleeps in his crib
He will not potty train yet!
He love drinking out of a big boy cup
He still takes a pacifier to sleep
He loves to cuddle and watch cartoons in the morning
He enjoyed Halloween and went as a ninja
His favorite thing is basketball, well... any kind of ball really
He is wearing 3T clothing and loves Crocks shoes
He still naps like a champ and bedtime is a breeze
The kid is so passionate when he prays, it makes me cry.

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