November 8, 2017

How Christmas 2017 was almost cancelled.

Well this is Jake:

This handsome fella likes to eat ALL THE THINGS. This weekend he outdid himself and decided to eat one of Amelia's light up rings, BUT we didn't know that for a few more days. Said ring made it almost OUT of the intestine... then got stuck, again, we had no idea.

On Monday of this week he had a fever and was refusing to eat anything. I took him to the ER Vet. We adore our local animal clinic [Honegger Animal Clinic] and explained that he tore up a pillow on Saturday and that he was acting like there was stuffing in his stomach. So they did an X-ray. The Vet came in and said "Ohhhhh no, he got into something far worse than stuffing!"

Note the X-Rays:

There are three little batteries, some screws and a piece of plastic. I am sure they have seen worse, but anytime you see batteries there is room for worry. Since he had a fever, they kept him over night and performed the surgery to remove the object in the morning.

I heard it was a smelly surgery. Gross. They even saved the ring for us, YES I tried to see if would still light up, nope. He is home and on a lot of medication. Please keep him in his thoughts as we continue to be good owners and watch what he eats.

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