December 13, 2017

Living Their Best Life

I have been so enjoying this season of business growth and feeling very proud of all my hard work as a photographer.  I have also tried to take more pictures of my kids. If I have this talent, why not use it to freeze time with my own children. Fall is my favorite and busiest time of year, I was not successful in getting the coveted family picture, (note: I did try, but Ben ending up having surgery on his knee the DAY I had booked out session) so I tried to grab a few for Christmas cards this night. NO LUCK. But, we did get these cute faces.

The kids are keeping me busy. Amelia is getting the age of keeping herself entertained and she can even get her own snacks. Harrison however, he likes to yell through the house "Ma!".... "MA!"... and then just wants me to hold him, or get him chocolate milk.

They are busy. I am busy. Ben is busy. The only thing in out house that has it made would be our dog Jake. I still feel like we are currently living our best life, and we will strive to enjoy our down time this holiday season!

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