October 12, 2018

Amelia :: 5 years + Kindergarten

It is almost Halloween, yes I know I am posting about Amelia's 5th birthday and life since starting school. I will get to little Harrison's 3rd year of life very soon. We are surviving our lives in new roles, a new house, and new expectations. I will write about all that very soon. Until then, Amelia is the light of my life.

Of course with turning 5, Amelia also starting Kindergarten! We love love love her teacher Mrs. Fry. Her Principal, Mrs. Meitzler, is near to my heart since I actually had her son in class years ago. It feels like I am sending her to a friends house all day.

She is learning so much and I couldn't be more proud. I cried a little after dropped her off, but I will for sure say that Preschool helped so much with her confidence (and mine as well). Amelia enjoys learning and she finds the structure of school very comfortable, just like her mom.

Amelia at 5 years old.

She loves to help cook.
She is wearing size 11-12 shoe and 7 in girls clothing.
She sleeps great, bedtime is no longer a battle!
She is a momma hen.
She will wash Harrison's hair and get his tooth brush ready!
She can count past 100.
She has so many sight words down.
She would rather pack her lunch than buy lunch.
She loves when I have a babysitter over so I can go take pictures.
She is pretty picky about her clothes.
She has an attitude when people tell her what to do.
She really wants a kitten, I do not.
She loves cheese and apples with peanut butter.
She has a favorite number "9"
She is currently taking ballet classes.
She can swim to the raft without any help! 
She is one heck of an artist - so many drawings and stories.
She love The Greatest Showman and has most of the songs memorized.