Catching Up - 2018

Catching Up - 2018

I walked away from this blog to focus on all the other things happening in life.

Since last April we:
1. Bought a new house.
2. Sold our house.
3. Moved.
4. Ben got a new job/promotion.
5. Amelia started Kindergarten.
6. Burman Photography exploded.

That sounds not so bad when I type it, and honestly - ALL OF THOSE thing are blessings. I just really don't bloom in change. I shrink. I try to find solid ground and then start to rebuild my secure circle of comfort.

Our new house is great, we tripled our house space and I am finally getting to change things that I put off knowing our old house was temporary. I love so many things about this house. I can't wait to finish a few more projects so I can show you some before an afters.

We do have big plans, new kitchen and bathroom renovations, painting all the things in the basement, a new styled living area in the basement and main living room. I want to paint ALL. THE. TRIM. and for the most part, I am slowly taking care of that. We painted so much, we got painted out there for a while. Luckily - we moved in May and had most of the summer to get things done.

Ben started the school year off at the same school, Southern Wells Jr.-Sr. High School, but with a new title. He is now the Assistant Principal + Athletic Director. He did have to give up coaching, which we both shed some tears about, I had no idea I was so attached to his role in those boys lives. He is doing such a great job in his new position. It does require more hours and I have been missing him, but I also see how good he is at that job. Those teachers and students are so lucky to have him. I am so proud of Ben and the hard 18 months of grad school and interviews to get to this point. He seriously works so hard.

Amelia is thriving in school. She shines as a student and has such a caring heart. Her teacher's husband broke his foot and Amelia started praying for him at dinner. My heart melts when she prays, or when Harrison babbles/prays. Harrison is spending his days at Shelly's and has been there since he was 8 weeks old. I can't image our lives without Shelly. She moved to a bigger house with a pond and I am starting to think Harrison wants to move in with her.

Burman Photography has exploded. I am booked full through the 2018 year. I am also booking weddings into the 2019 summer/fall. I love this side gig that is paying for so many special things for our family (more on that after our big Fall Break surprise for the kids!). I became LLC'd this year to help protect our family and my growing business. I am very excited to see where my camera will take me. Follow along via my website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Overall, we are doing great.

Busy is not a badge of honor.

But, we are very busy and looking forward to a slower winter season full of family, cuddles, and making our new house more of a home. I promise more posts.

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