Loon Lake Perspective

Loon Lake Perspective

It is 55 degrees outside today and I am missing the warm mornings at the lake. I spent most of my Saturdays shooting weddings this summer, but on the few weekends I made it to the lake, I enjoyed giggles, splashes, and patriotic shirts. [Seriously though, scroll down and tell me Ben isn't the hottest man you have ever seen, I felt like I just needed to salute him and then kiss him!]

Loon Lake will forever hold a special place in my heart. It is where I feel I made the final cut with Ben and his family, it is where Ben proposed, and it is where we will build a future for our family. My kids have learned to swim here, they have learned to love the boat and s'mores, and they race to the car when we tell them, "We are going to the lake!"

I took my drone to the lake and got some really neat shots of us in the boat, (the one Ben proposed to me in!) and of Amelia swimming... and Harrison peeing. Then I landed it in the water, about 2 feet from the shore. Good thing I got the warranty huh? I am going to get these images printed for our home. I love when Ben and I create memories where we both cling to remembering them for the sake of our children, and their children. Building a life to be remembered, one trip to the lake at a time.

Amelia surprised us all this summer with her swimming skills, she was determined to not use her puddle jumper and to swim like a big girl. She did a great job, her jumping skills and goggle application needed to be documented, and laughed at. I love this girl.

Harrison had one focus all summer, throw the ball, get the ball, jump in with the ball, repeat. He loves the lake, but mostly just loves the ball. He even started using tools to just get the ball. He also loves adventures to our lake neighbors and tickles from daddy.

Yummy Husband Here.

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