Holiday Happenings

Holiday Happenings

We have been having so much fun with the kids this season. They are old enough to appreciate the fun holiday things, and they are young enough to soak it all up. Moving the Elf on the Shelf has been fun and seeing how excited they get when counting down for Christmas on our advent tree is amazing.

Amelia really understands what we are celebrating and for that I am thankful. She sings all the time and asks to wear "festive outfits" - her words. Harrison just loves the hot chocolate, watching The Grinch and finding the elf every morning.

Speaking of The Grinch, we had a local store run a promotion, and part of it was getting your picture taken with The Grinch, we obviously had to do it. The business was the same place that we did Jakes "doggy boot camp" and it was fun to be able to bring him! This also allowed us to have the kids wear sweatshirts that Rosemary made Ben 20+ years ago. With the big move, many vintage items were gifted. These beauties were awesome, and the red one still has jingle bells on it.

I am starting to think I should just use Jakes picture with The Grinch as our Christmas Card..... joke is on all of you, we aren't even sending cards out this year. I took that off my plate and decided to book a session after Christmas and do NEW YEAR Cards.... Genius huh??

Ok, next on the genius ideas, instead of doing traditional Christmas cookies (though amazing and we still do them with cousins later) we are going to just do "dipping cookies" and it was less work for me, and more fun for them. They actually turned out amazing!

We gifted these to teachers, coworkers, and friends! Let them dry, put in festive cupcake holders and then gift bags. Boom - easy and fun for all. As you can see, shirts are optional when making.

Next up on the blog, my Christmas decor, with so much more house, it seems like I didn't decorate much, so I am waiting to buy all the clearance stuff on December 26th. Smart shopper here.

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