January 27, 2017

Tossing Her Cookies

There has been a stomach bug making its way through our home this week. I went to get Harrison up on Wednesday, and he had thrown up in his crib. Ben stayed home that day. On Thursday I got a call at 4pm, "Amelia is throwing up!" and then I stayed home today.

Both kids fought the good fight for about three hours and then were back to 100%. Eating normal, napping normal, and even playing normal. Amelia was feeling pretty good today so it was more like a mommy - daughter day.

Amelia and I made Burman Breakfast Cookies and then Amelia did some arts and crafts while I cleaned and did some laundry (and took pictures). The girl did not stray very far all day. I got her to take a warm bubble bath and while she bathed I took a quick shower. While washing my hair I got a visitor. She wanted to shower too... so she did... with me.

After we were clean we got dress and blow dried our hair then did a quick Valentines Day Session in the kitchen. She was not feeling the session so there was a lot of bribery and tickles.

She also played with water beads A TON and that was her main form of entertainment today. She ate a good lunch, picnic style and even enjoyed a lunch date via FaceTime with her dad.

Amelia is a little me. This makes me adore and want to lock her in her room. We butt heads but her intelligence is ever growing and I am so excited to get her into Preschool next year!

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