August 30, 2012

Behind... but catching up!

We are so sorry for the delay in ALL our life happenings. Fall is always a crazy time, between school starting, a new job for Ben, birthdays, football season and normal life we have just been so pooped!

Last night I went to bed at 8:30pm... and still woke up tired! I am looking forward to having Monday off for Labor Day, Ben still has football though, so his holiday will be a little bit shorter.

I have some Birthday Love- late.... be still Love!

In August, my dearest Grandmother Glenna celebrated her birthday! I love her so much, I always tried to be just like her. I even went to college to be a savvy business woman... however I found a better calling for my talents: teacher. I then realized that was exactly what she was to me. I love going to visit her and to see all that she accomplishes with her time and energy. (Her rotary club is very active in Aurora- she even runs the website! Rotary Club of Aurora) Grandma, thank you for being such a wonderful, Godly and supportive woman in my life. Some of the best advice I have ever received came from this woman!

Another August birthday would be Abigail Seder, our littlest niece! She just started Pre-School this month too! I remember going and meeting her family of the first time and she was just a few months old. I melted at her cute smile and hilarious attitude. She was a flower girl in our wedding and took her job very serious. I can't wait to help celebrate more birthdays with this little one in the future!

As for keeping busy- Ben and I are amazing at that! School is in full swing, we are ghosts in the night. I  feel like I see him when we go to bed and when we leave. I will be excited when football is over, but I love seeing him out there on the football field! We have made some great friends through this football program and it is neat to have so many of my student talk about him. (THEY LOVE HIM!) Check out the football website- they have spent a lot of time on this bad boy! 

I will post video of both of our classrooms soon- probably this weekend. So to keep you up to date with our life, here are some pictures of Grissom and Keady:

August 18, 2012

A Blur of a good time!

I am going to make this real quick!

  • Ben got a full time teaching job at Southern Wells High School.
  • School has started for both of us.
  • The dogs are great.
  • Football season is taking over our lives.
  • Bluffton won their first game of the season.

Ok- coming up in a few days:

  • Birthday Blogs for Grandma Glenna and Abigail.
  • Videos of our classrooms.
  • Football updates.
  • More about Southern Wells High School.
  • More about Bluffton High School.
  • I can't forget about the dogs either.... we will probably have photos of the dogs too.

Until time slows down- we love you all.

Ben & Amanda