December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I love this time of year! Ben and I are so lucky to have family and friends that care so much about us. We were overwhelmed by thoughtful gifts and blessings. This marks our first Christmas as a married couple and man was it hard hiding and buying gifts for each other. We actually accidentally ran into each other at Walmart before Christmas while shopping for each other.

Our holiday so far has been spent between Bluffton, Richmond and Noblesville. On Christmas Eve I was picking up Bobbi, my step-mother, from the airport. Though it was great to see her, I am sad at the reason. My Aunt Linda passed away unexpectedly and the family is coming together for her funeral. Then after having a nice drive and catching up I was able to see my Aunt Kimmy and her family as well as my Grammy Karen. Even though it was a short visit it always nice to see family.

After Richmond I booked it home (Bluffton) and got ready then headed down to Noblesville with Ben and Grissom. We spent the evening with Ben's Uncle Jim and Aunt Debbie and that crew. Always a fun time! Then back to the Burman Homestead for a sandman gift and bed!

Christmas morning started off VERY early as we had several stops to make. Ben and I were over joyed by all the gifts Rosemary and Steve (and Santa) got us! Just to name a few: Shop Vac, Money for new dressers, cookie cutters, candles, doggy poop handling kit, homemade washcloths. They are such great in-laws and parents. Then we headed to church, then onto Grandma and Grandpa Burman's for dinner and more presents! We got them some wedding pictures and homemade hot chocolate (my signature gift!). They gave us the gift of comfort and support. We love them!

Finally we were on our way home to Bluffton- when we arrived home we found a few more packages on our front step and then we had OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS! I loved all the gifts Ben got me: Scarf, Baking supplies, earrings, watch and many more. I got Ben tons of Purdue items, sweatshirt, mug, lanyard. Lindsay and Josh out did themselves with gift cards and awesome pictures and my mom even sent me a stocking, plus great perfume. Grandma got Ben a cool game kinda like corn-hole and I got Ugg Boots. So much from our loving family.

Even though our gifts were plentiful, I took time to remember the real reason for the season. A I talked to my little brothers who are having their third Christmas in a row where the entire family can't be together I was reminded by Steven: Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. I love that someone so young can help keep me grounded.

Merry Christmas!!
Ben, Amanda and Grissom!!

December 19, 2011

We have been too busy to blog!

Family and Friends- This time of year has not only kept us from being together, it has also kept us from blogging. You are about to be caught up on life- and of course see cute pictures as well as videos, per usual.

Lets see- since November we have had some snow, wrapped some gifts (I get this talent from my Grandmother Glenna- just got her gifts in the mail... there was a live pine cone on one of Ben's gifts!), sent out christmas cards and decorated a christmas tree. Please see attached pictures for documentation.

Our first (REAL) Christmas Tree - 2011

Not only have we been busy with decorations we have also been very crafty and played with our lovely dog/child Grissom. Notice Ben is actaully helping with the crafts and absent when the dog needs yelled at! Probably because he was off yelling at his students and players... ohhh kids!

Grissom and all his adventures in the last month:

There have also been several life changes in our lives lately... but I will save that for another post! Enjoy all the updates and we will return as soon as Christmas break comes!