August 30, 2011

Playing Catch Up- The Burman Way

Sorry for the lack of posts- between school, practices, games, bills, and cars- I have somewhat forgotten to update everyone on life. Teaching has created new challenges... like waking up early. We have also had to adjust to schedules being completely different each day (I personally HATE that!).

Grissom has been getting in trouble lately- I come home first and he has gone through the bathroom trash. Best part- He knows when I get home and then he hides from me. Today he went outside and then directly to his "room" (crate) because he knew how disappointed I was. Then when Ben gets home its all fun and games. Looks like we have found our roles as parents, I am the yeller and he is the lover. I am OK with this seeing as my mother did a great job on punishments: always remember the corners and neck grabs.

Even when we are mad at him or he is getting in trouble, we still have a good night ritual- see if you can hear his signature noise.


August 25, 2011

Wedding Pictures!

Finally the pictures came! Of course I quickly looked at them all before Ben got home- then we had dinner and Ben found another great use for his PS3 and 42" HD TV: photo viewing! Trust me when I say- they look great even at 42"!

Here is a few- the rest will be up later :)


Thats all for now ;)

August 23, 2011

Crafty Wife and Winning Coach

This past weekend was so busy and at the same time fun! Ben's football coaching career took off- they won! Ben was so intense that he lost his voice. I wish I would have gotten video of him stomping up and down the field jerking his hands yelling at who ever was near. In the article about the season opener win the reporter went on to say:

It took very little time Friday night before the Mississinewa Indians proved that this year’s squad bears little resemblance to last year’s 2-9 team. Ole Miss decisively defeated the Manchester Squires 28-18 to open the 2011 campaign. “It’s a great win for this program,” Indian coach Curt Funk said. But, he realizes that one win does not make the season. “It’s a great confidence booster. We haven’t arrived but we took a good step,” Funk said.

After that big win- and a late night, Saturday brought wedding bells for Casey and Jill! There were very few hiccups and the wedding was so beautiful. Ben was a groomsman, while I was the attendant- I seemed to wear many hats that day. They couple walked from the altar to the Purdue Fight Song and then too the Boiler Maker Special to the reception (jealous).

Then on Sunday we went to church and had a day where we did very little- I cleaned and was crafty, while Ben took a nap and then had football meetings that night. It was nice to have a slow day to just hang out. I took a few pictures of my crafts- I made a book wreath and cake pops- enjoy!
Front-On the wall

Back- My favorite book!

After - Ben loves these!
August 17, 2011

Friends and Football

This weekend is a big weekend in the Burman home. We have Ben's first football game on Friday followed by Casy and Jill's wedding on Saturday. So much has gone into both of these events.

Football: It all started when Ben was job hunting and my fellow teacher told me that her brother-in-law was a football coach and needed some more coaches- plus there were openings at the school! So of course I suggested Ben- I figured with as much video games as he plays he would be perfect. Fastforward- He got the job and started football after the wedding. The kids are great and the coaches are fun. He is having a great time and is actually getting better at NCAA Football 2011 due to all the new knowledge of the game.

Check out his cute little bio on the football website:

Wedding: Also on the BIG weekend plans- CASEY AND JILL are getting married! Ben is in the wedding while I am Jill's attendent. Basically just like our wedding in June :) These two people are amazing and I am sure they will be part of our lives for a very long time. I can't wait to see them!

"For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother,
and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh." Genesis 2:24

August 12, 2011

Mrs. Burman- The Teacher

Today is my first day back at school! I have had an amazing time seeing all my old students and meeting my new classes. I have gotten great reviews and reactions about our class website and blogs! The administration even talked about it during the district meeting yesterday. (

I love teaching- I get so excited about picking out my first day of school outfit and organizing all my new school supplies. I guess I should have known education was in my future when I began color coordinating all my folders in elementary school.

I promised myself not too much school talk on here- this is about our life now, but if you are a teacher you know that teaching becomes a part of who you are! Ben starts school next week so we will be working on his classroom this weekend!

I made a video of my classroom with my phone- not as fancy but you can get a good idea.

August 7, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

Today Ben and I planned on going up to the lake for the day and enjoying the boat and what not. Well the weather that was BEAUTIFUL here in Bluffton was not at the lake. We arrive at the lake just as his parents were putting away the boat and calling it a weekend. BUMMER!

The good news though- Dogs do not care if it is raining at the lake. So we let Grissom play. He loves fetching his lake toy and then playing keep away from Ben and me. So of course I made a video of him playing! We then had some lunch and the storm that was coming blew over and the sun came out! Funny how Indiana can be so tempermental! We decided to all go play in the water since the weather warmed up and got sunny.

There are several shots from the rain and then the sunny weather- you can tell Grissom likes the lake and doesn't care about the weather! It was so nice to get out of the house and spend time together as family at the lake.

Ben had to be back for football so we hurried home in the NEW truck- only to have it break down. (ahh the joys of being an adult.) We will update you on all that later. Basically I am going to rant and rave until the truck is fixed or the dealership begs us to pick out a new automobile.

August 4, 2011

Dodge Ram 1500

Did you know it was good luck to spend large amounts of money in groups of three?

1. Wedding
2. New House
3. New Truck

That is right, a new truck. We had planned on purchasing a new vehicle in Novemeber- before the roads got bad. BUT- the Grand Prix learned of our plan (I told Ben we should never discuss new cars around our current cars- they know what we are saying) and began acting up more than normal. So we cleaned up the Grand Prix and went to the dealership that we had been looking at.

After several hours of finacial planning and a trip to the BMV for new driver license we took the truck home. The next day was spent on the phone with banks trying to bargin for lower interest rates. All is well that ends well! We got a good deal (and warranty) on the truck and even got more than we thought for the Grand Prix. Check out the video for a good look at the new truck in our drive way.

August 3, 2011

"Football Coach's Wife"

I never thought I would experience this title. I was always prepared for basketball but not football! It's hard work putting together meals for the entire team and their families! Tonight I spent an hour, along side 4 other wives, helping make hamburgers, set up a room, organizing drinks, chips and spoons. Then the families arrived- followed by the players (straight from practice, so you can imagine the delightful smell!) and we helped get everyone settled. Then the seniors and families were released to eat with the coaches... followed by the Juniors, then Sophmores and then Freshman.

At this point there are no chairs and I haven't had food yet. Let me just say all the good stuff was gone and Ben didn't eat any of the salsa I made. A night to celebrate..... or reconsider my title?

The picture is just a portion of the room/senior class in line for food. You can't see Ben- he was already making his dessert plate. I think come swim season- Ben will better understand such a title- "Swim Coach Husband"

August 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

As promised- video and pictures of our new house! I made a video (can you tell I like making videos?) from film of before and after images! Please note all the details we changed.

Now is a good time to say thank you to Ben's mom and dad, Rosemary and Steve. They helped us three days in a row! I would also like to thank all my students who helped on moving day- so supportive.

Under Water Fun

For my birthday, (July 14th) I not only got news of closing on our new house, a great dinner at Logan's and dessert at a frozen yogurt place- I also got an amazing under water video camera from Ben.

Great coaches think alike. I had explained to Ben my methods of video tapping the swimmers- pulling them out and having them watch for errors and even small issues in flip turns. But there is only so much you can see above water. He got me this sweet under water video recorder for fun (dance, home etc) and for work (coaching swimming, and taping speeches).

Of course- we had to try it out right away so an hour before our dinner date we rushed out to his pool to try out the "water proof" camera. Watch the film- you will notice Ben was way more excited about the camera at first than I was!