June 29, 2016

Harrison :: 9 Months

Well here we are, 9 months out. I can't believe it has been so long. I have really started connecting with my little man. His kisses and happy demeanor have often made him my favorite child at bedtime [not really... but really].

Since we have been traveling a bunch I snap pictures here and there. I got my lovely white chair pictures yesterday after Amelia had a sleep over with her cousins. I use the term SLEEP loosely. I was thankful for the oldest cousin, Elizabeth as she was so helpful with Harrison. They are very cute together.

I also snapped a few of the whole clan. They are hilarious. So many personalities in one image. The other pictures are of Harrison at the lake, he is so happy.

Harrison at 9 months

He loves to eat
He will eat 2,000 peas if I let him
He likes to cross his legs
Still no crawling
Still no teeth
He drools a lot
He sleep roughly 11 hours a night
He naps great
He still isn't a fan of the dog
He knows how to eat straight from a food pouch
He doesn't know a stranger
He waves "hello"
He signs "more" and "all done"
He screams, for fun
He also makes fart noises, like loud ones
He wears 12-18 month clothing

June 28, 2016

Amelia :: Three Years Old

Terrible twos are cake compared to our "Three-nager." Good glory, she is sassy, emotional, and simply beautiful. I want to pull my hair out sometimes, but as bad as she can be, she trumps it with her kindness, love, and caring for others.

Amelia is not really into letting me take pictures of her. She would rather play dress up, watch a movie, play a game, or be in her bathing suit. I was not going to battle her on this one. I like to pick my battles wisely these days. So I snapped a few of her in her favorite suit and hat at the lake. Maybe I will get more later?

For her birthday we celebrated at the lake with some carrot cake cupcakes (thank you Rosemary!) and had some special guests. My dad and family came up for the celebration. It was so fun to see her interact with Pappy [Happy] and Bobbi, and her uncles. It was an all around great day. On her actual birthday we went to The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo with her cousins and Aunt Lindsay. It was so much fun.

She thinks everyday is her birthday now. That has been fun to explain! Overall this has been Amelia's roughest behavior time, but also her sweetest. She has so many new emotions and reasoning with her is like talking a T-Rex into being a vegan. IMPOSSIBLE. Yet, if I spill something, she runs over, helps me pick everything up and gently pats my face and say "It's ok Mommy, it an accident" WHAT? Gosh, I love it.

Her care and love for her little brother is immeasurable. I don't know what I will do with her, and the more I type... the more I realize, she is JUST. LIKE. ME. Pray that this house doesn't explode.

Amelia at 3 Years Old

She loves PB&J - Cut like a princess crown.
She hates meat.
She loves Mac&Cheese
Her favorite things to do is play in water
She loves her iPad (piepad)
She would wear her princess pjs all day if I let her
She is in the 97 percentile for height and weight
She still goes to Miss Shelly's 1-2 times a week
She feeds her bubby
She loves her dog Jake
She likes to leave all the doors open
She puts her dishes in the sink
She like to help break eggs, even when I don't need them
Her imagination is ever growing
Her speech is better than some of my students
She throws terrible tantrums
She counts, a lot
She likes to make up songs
She will not let me pick out her clothes

June 27, 2016


I have always loved s'mores. I seemed to have passed this love [obsession] on to my lovely daughter Amelia. This weekend we ventured to our happy place, Loon Lake. While there we were lucky to have great weather for swimming, taking walks, more swimming, naps, did I mention swimming?, and some s'mores.

I had a session in Fort Wayne in the evening on Saturday. It was at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo and I was pretty much in love with the location. I had my camera ready and when I got home a snapped a few of these two making the ever loved, and always better at the lake, s'mores.

June 24, 2016

Parenting is very time consuming.

Can I get an Amen to that title?

Since the last post Ben and I celebrated our 5 years of marriage, celebrated Father's Day with BOTH our dad's,  Amelia turned three, and we used a slip and slide for the first time with our children.

I can't seem to find time to post much. The kids are a handful. If I do something Amelia must also do it, Harrison is into everything he can roll towards,  and Jake is a punk who pees and poops in the house.

Ben has been chugging along with graduate school. He got all A's for this first round of classes and started his second round yesterday. I am so proud of him. It has been great to help him out with editing papers and helping search for the correct answers during exams. It is a team effort.

My photography business is going great. I can't wait for September-Novemeber, that is when I make the most money and have the most business. I will say though, my summer has been booked. I have limited openings because we have to make sure Ben is home to watch the kids and I have to make sure we are home from Loon Lake. It actually very nice to have the ability to make my own hours.

Summer is flying by and I really don't like that feeling. I have made a goal to be present during the day with my kids. I have fewer pictures because of this, but I also have better memories. I have loved not having my camera with me at all times. I even forgot my phone [I lost it in the van actually] this past weekend and I hated being cut off for the 6 hours, but toward the end, I LOVED IT! I encourage all of you to 'lose' your phones for a few hours each weekend.

Upcoming posts:

Ben and Amanda - 5 years and counting.
Amelia is 3
Harrison 9 Months

Until those posts, here are a few pictures of our backyard fun in the slip and slide, and pool! We had a parenting fail during this fun time. We thought putting soap on the slip and slide would make Amelia go faster, IT DID! It also washed away all her sun screen. First sun burn... CHECK. *Slams head on desk*

June 1, 2016

Harrison :: 8 Months

I feel like each of these posts starts off like, "Wow, how did we get here!?" or "Sorry this is so late!" Look people [the five of you who read this blog] summer is great and all, but I am now entertaining a toddler, infant, puppy, and coach every day all day. There has only been 1 full hour where I missed my worst class. Then we had ice cream and played in the water table. That solves EVERYTHING.

Harrison is such a different baby than Amelia ever was, and I like it. I love seeing how they play together and I feel like I am a well rounded mom when I can handle a no nap King and a sleep the day away Queen. Amelia also didn't eat solid foods this soon, Harrison will eat ANYTHING he can get his hands on, this now includes Jake's tail.

Recent changes... he still isn't crawling or pulling up. I can't express emotion via text very well so let me tell you those first words in this paragraph were in excitement! This is great for us right now, if he were on the move I would lose him and my mind all day. I like that if I put him down and build a blockade he stays in it. Amelia... well she learned how to open the back door and now invites the neighbors dog in. [For the record, the dog is a sweetie named Hazel and she is welcome anytime.]

Speaking of dogs, Jake is a fun dog, Harrison hasn't really bonded with him yet. The more food he eats/drops the more Jake takes interest in him. So they have that going for them.

Ben started grad school the last week of the school year. He has been working so hard. I get frustrated [any mom of two littles + puppy would] but I am so freaking thankful for his desire to provide a sturdy and healthy future for our growing family. He has basketball most mornings and evenings, stays up late to work on school, and finds time for be with family. I miss him when he puts in long hours, but I love him that much more.

Harrison at 8 Months

He loves food - especially puffs, bananas, peas, and mandarin oranges.
He knows he can make sound.
He likes to yell.
He enjoys roughly 2 naps a day. [lucky....]
He isn't a fan of Jake.
He watches cartoons in the morning with Amelia.
He holds his own bottle. [this is a game changer]
He is teething like crazy.
He loves bath.
He knows his first baby sign, "more" [see the first of this list]
He waves hello and goodbye.
He smiles at everyone.
He weighs 20lbs.
He had his first DOUBLE ear infection in MAY.