January 11, 2019

Harrison :: Three Years Old

Are birthday blogs still a thing? Yes, and they are actually only cool if you post them 4 months late. Just letting you all know that I love my second child. I did take pictures of him, just didn't get the post ready to go until after the new year.

Harrison is so passionate. He is getting better are reasoning, so the meltdowns are fewer, but man, when that boy is hungry WATCH OUT. (Just like his dad). He loves baseball, basketball, and football. The new house has a large circle path, he will often play baseball and run the entire house and slide in the living room, where we are all to scream, "S A F E" - and he will do it all again if we don't yell it. 

He loves the movie The Sandlot, and often tells me I play ball like a girl. Yup, and that his girl friend is Wendy Peffercorn he cracks me up. He is also really into Robot Trains and Cupcake and Dino. Harrison loves to play in the bathtub and then snuggle. He still holds my neck when he is sleepy or needs some comfort. 

He hates seeing his "ya-ya" (Amelia) cry and will rub her if she is upset, unless she took his toy and then he probably made her cry. They are getting to an age where they can play all day together. This play makes my mommy heart explode. 

His favorite foods are PB+J, Boston Cream Pie, yogurt, and chocolate milk. Over Christmas he did in fact start sleeping in until about 8am - this gives us hope for summer. His little smirk and laughter get em every time. He will also hug me and tell me thank you all the time. Please Harrison always stay this sweet. 

Christmas in the new house.

What a fun season. 

It was full of new. Ben celebrated his first Christmas NOT in his childhood home; his parents are currently living in our basement as the renovate their lake home, so they too were in a new season of life. I gave up on trying to keep up, so no Christmas cards were sent, I am going to do New Year/Thank You cards instead, and small gifts were sent. Our first Christmas to host, and I enjoyed the decorating so much that I busted the real camera out to document. 

We have since put all the decorations away, but our first festive season in the new house was a success. We hosted Christmas Eve and I so enjoyed having all the kids running around, eating Chinese food, laughing with my sister-in-law and just making new memories. 

I like to use what we already have, like wreaths made from the trimmings of our tree, and the red ribbon (still from our wedding) to hang things! I should have gone to more after Christmas sales to stock up, more square space, means more to decorate. Next year I will be more prepared for the other spaces, so this year I just focused on a few areas and made mental notes for the coming Christmas Seasons.

I was so lucky to see this really neat hanging Christmas sign from The Honeysuckle Shop - It was actually a vintage Christmas gift bag that has been up-cycled. I am beginning to see worth in thing before my time. They have made it this far, why push them to the side? Vintage is my love language.

Enjoy taking a step inside our winter wonderland.