December 14, 2017


I will start this post with some really adorable holiday shots I took of the kids. Little did I know that Harrison was actually feverish and had some blisters in his mouth and on his bottom.

And then.... all hell rained down on Harrison. He had one of the worst cases of Hand Foot Mouth Disease I have ever seen and he was miserable for the first two days. He only slept in 20 minutes increments and his body was so itchy. 

We ended up keeping him home for ONE whole week. I took off three days and Ben two. Towards the end of the week he was feeling better, just looked awful. 

This is one of those times wher I was so thankful for home remedies and my Youngliving Essential Oils. I used A LOT of Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Purification, and Thieves (all of which come in a starter kit) even Ben supported my use of these. A virus must work its way out and these oils made it 

Here is the day by day break down. Forgive the poor quality, he was cranky and its just an iPhone.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7 

He is still healing (the dry winter air is hard on his healing skin!) and a few other kids had it a daycare. I feel like with how bad he had it... he was the carrier. Where did he get it? Well we were in the doctor's office for a well child visit JUST 4 days before the blisters. Ugh. Please keep him in your prayers and hope that I cleaned everything well enough to keep him from getting again [or worse, Amelia!].

December 13, 2017

Living Their Best Life

I have been so enjoying this season of business growth and feeling very proud of all my hard work as a photographer.  I have also tried to take more pictures of my kids. If I have this talent, why not use it to freeze time with my own children. Fall is my favorite and busiest time of year, I was not successful in getting the coveted family picture, (note: I did try, but Ben ending up having surgery on his knee the DAY I had booked out session) so I tried to grab a few for Christmas cards this night. NO LUCK. But, we did get these cute faces.

The kids are keeping me busy. Amelia is getting the age of keeping herself entertained and she can even get her own snacks. Harrison however, he likes to yell through the house "Ma!".... "MA!"... and then just wants me to hold him, or get him chocolate milk.

They are busy. I am busy. Ben is busy. The only thing in out house that has it made would be our dog Jake. I still feel like we are currently living our best life, and we will strive to enjoy our down time this holiday season!
November 8, 2017

How Christmas 2017 was almost cancelled.

Well this is Jake:

This handsome fella likes to eat ALL THE THINGS. This weekend he outdid himself and decided to eat one of Amelia's light up rings, BUT we didn't know that for a few more days. Said ring made it almost OUT of the intestine... then got stuck, again, we had no idea.

On Monday of this week he had a fever and was refusing to eat anything. I took him to the ER Vet. We adore our local animal clinic [Honegger Animal Clinic] and explained that he tore up a pillow on Saturday and that he was acting like there was stuffing in his stomach. So they did an X-ray. The Vet came in and said "Ohhhhh no, he got into something far worse than stuffing!"

Note the X-Rays:

There are three little batteries, some screws and a piece of plastic. I am sure they have seen worse, but anytime you see batteries there is room for worry. Since he had a fever, they kept him over night and performed the surgery to remove the object in the morning.

I heard it was a smelly surgery. Gross. They even saved the ring for us, YES I tried to see if would still light up, nope. He is home and on a lot of medication. Please keep him in his thoughts as we continue to be good owners and watch what he eats.

A Ninja and Rainbow Dash walk into a park....

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke huh?

I love Halloween, but man, all the candy and late bedtimes make me want to punch something. Luckily we do the "Boo at State Park" where we walk through the campgrounds to Trick or Treat. This is great because it is central, there is a beginning and an end, and I can see the kids the entire time!

We will forever do this, and we are able to hand out candy on the actual Halloween, which I am pretty sure Amelia loved more than going herself.

November 7, 2017

Falling Leaves and Falling Behind

The colors of Fall are upon us and I am just getting around to touching base with my blog family. I love this blog for more than just the connections but for the opportunity to look back and enjoy past memories.

I do get mad when I just can't keep up with life and documenting it. So forgive my less than dazzling stories and quick images, but I am busy being present. The following is a quick update on life and documentation that Harrison is actually 2 years old!

Ben graduates from graduate school next month. Next. Month. I am so thankful for his determination and drive. He took his administrator's License test early in October and we are still waiting for the results (I am confident in his awesome abilities, and I saw him working hard to study!). We are excited to see him graduate and walk across that stage.

Amelia is loving school and is taking dance again this year. She is actually pretty good and when she makes up new moves during dance parties, I will ask her "Amelia, how did you learn that!?" and she just responds with "God put it in my brain." That girl, she gets me every time.

Harrison is two years old. Though I should feel bad for not blogging his party sooner, I guess I can find solace in knowing that he hasn't even had his two year "wellness" child appointment yet, [it's next week] so I am basically early. Ha.

Harrison at Two Years

He loves to eat
He dislikes tomatoes
He asks full questions
He loves saying please and thank you
He hates saying "sorry"
He rubs his neck, mommy's neck, and daddy's neck for comfort
He still sleeps in his crib
He will not potty train yet!
He love drinking out of a big boy cup
He still takes a pacifier to sleep
He loves to cuddle and watch cartoons in the morning
He enjoyed Halloween and went as a ninja
His favorite thing is basketball, well... any kind of ball really
He is wearing 3T clothing and loves Crocks shoes
He still naps like a champ and bedtime is a breeze
The kid is so passionate when he prays, it makes me cry.

September 10, 2017

Loon Lake Labor Day 2017

I just love some alliteration.

We realized at the lake last weekend that it was seven years ago that Ben proposed at Loon Lake. How our lives have changed since that great weekend just blows my mind, and makes me so thankful. The kids crawled in bed with us on the morning of Labor Day and just wanted cuddles and laughs. Seven years ago, I was relishing in my new ring, planning our wedding in my head. I was thinking about how our lives would unfold together.

Here in the present, I realized my imagination could never come up with the much amazingness. We are so lucky and we just love Loon Lake because of all the memories created. The kids are at a great age of playing "together" or at least a few minutes at a time of enjoying each other.

Harrison is now LOVING the lake and jumping in the water. For a long time he hated the bottom of the lake. He would feel it and pull his feet up and say "YUCK YUCK" and it was hilarious. Well, he discovered the sand and pebbles from a new angle and now will just run in, and out of the lake. He also hates clothes, so there was a naked baby (wearing a floaty) running in, and out of the lake. I am not going to squash those baby dreams.

We really enjoyed playing with cousins and our Burman/Seder clan. Amelia could follow her cousins around all day (and night if we let her) and there was a lot of kayaking with the family along with swimming. We are so grateful for Rosemary and Steve! They allow us to come up and crash in their lake house, and even watch our kids when we want to go next door to hang out with our friends.

It was a refreshing weekend. We are now buckling down for the craziness that is Fall in a photography business, and the start of workouts/conditioning for basketball.

Playing with the drone!