April 30, 2018

Backyard Sun

Our evenings of the perfect warm light are quickly vanishing. I am going to miss this light when we have our new home an I hope we have some good light. I came home from a session this evening and everyone was in pajamas and I just told them to come outside.

Even Ben was ready for bed, yet played along. These nights can be tough, bed time for the birds, but these crazy kids are our world.

Plus, that amazing daddy hugging and playing with his kids is what makes my heart beat.

April 24, 2018

Champions, California, and a New House

I am not sure I have had so much to post about since having my first child. So much news in the Burman house! I am so proud of our little family, sometimes when you have your head down and working hard, you forget that there are exciting times coming your way.

Ben is a Sectional Champion.

The basketball boards predicted EVERY OTHER team to win sectionals, nobody saw them coming. Ben and his boys have been working so hard all season and though the season was bumpy in the beginning, the season got better and better each game. This was such a big goal that Ben had for himself and his team. To be there as the beat team... after team (one being the state winner from the previous year) and then to lead only in the last 7 seconds of the championship game to bring home the title was simply amazing. I cried, I ran onto the court, kissed my husband and amazing coach. It was just like in the movies. Go Raiders.

I travelled to San Diego.

I was in California for the USMC Educators Workshop. This workshop was free and amazing. I was introduced to so many amazing Marines and was able to see the Corps in a new angle. I brought home new leadership skills and a new found confidence. I did have to leave Ben behind as he prepared for Regionals, alone with our kiddos. Of course on the first day, he was hit by a deer and it totaled our van. It all worked out with the help of our community. I love our small town and the love people are willing to show in a time of need.

I took lots of pictures while in California and so many were portraits. These Marines were strong, smart and humble. They showed me that even the students you don't think would be a good fit, have a place in the Marines. I was also amazed by the women in the Corps. I never saw many growing up, and to see them in uniform made me so proud.

We bought a new house, and SOLD our house is 4 days.

We woke up on a Sunday, Ben saw a nice house had just hit the market. I liked it too. This NEVER happens. So we made arrangements to go look at it on Monday evening. We fell in love. We got approved Tuesday morning, looked at it again Tuesday night. Made an offer. Thursday landed on an offer. Prepared our house to sell BY OWNER. Arranged an viewing of the house for Saturday, got an offer that night for asking price. FOUR DAYS. I am posting images just because... dang that house was clean, and those pictures rocked.

It has been a blur and we have signed all the paper work and will be moving into our new home Mother's Day weekend. We have the new house for about two week before moving so we can paint and order new things. I haven't been so excited in a long time.

So much has been happening and at a fast pace. We will be sure to post before and after images of our house and keep you up to speed on big changes.