June 17, 2015

2nd Birthday :: Minnie Style

Amelia is 2 years old. Holy Cow. My little girl is 2. Where has the time gone! We had a small celebration this year at Loon Lake with close family. Amelia swam ALL day, took a nap, ate like a champ and then opened her presents. She is such a blessing to our family.

She love the lake and loves swimming! It is crazy how little fear this peanut has. She swims out to the rafts, jumps in and repeats until daddy drags her back to shore (she is kicking and screaming the whole way!) so mommy can dry her off and give her food.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts! Amelia got a big girl bed from us, (she is also getting a swing set when the rain stops next week), she got a bike, big girl panties, shoes, clothes, butterfly wings, tutus, balloons, books.... so many more too! Thank you again.

Here are some pictures from the birthday weekend. Enjoy!


Summer Break - Part 1

So far summer break has been pretty busy. I am in full nesting mode and trying to figure out how to make this three bedroom house work for one more year!

I am also trying out stay-at-home-mom life. Man, entertaining a toddler is HARD WORK. I do not give our care giver, Shelly, enough credit or money! We read, color, play with blocks, and paint ALL before 10am. I resorted to fort building the other day and that was fun for about 45 minutes. 45 GLORIOUS minutes.

Ben has had basketball weights, youth camp, shootouts, and skills academy almost everyday this summer. We have presented at Wabash Wise (an educational technology conference), celebrated our anniversary, Ben's birthday and Amelia's birthday in last few weeks too! I also forgot, we put Amelia in a big girl bed. [pause for a tearful moment by Amanda]. I cried like a baby - let us just blame that on the hormones.

She loves her twin bed and having mommy home a lot. She now just wants mommy and I am her best friend. BUT when daddy gets home, I am chopped meat. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks at home.

The next post will have images from our Loon Lake Birthday with Amelia!