January 27, 2017

Tossing Her Cookies

There has been a stomach bug making its way through our home this week. I went to get Harrison up on Wednesday, and he had thrown up in his crib. Ben stayed home that day. On Thursday I got a call at 4pm, "Amelia is throwing up!" and then I stayed home today.

Both kids fought the good fight for about three hours and then were back to 100%. Eating normal, napping normal, and even playing normal. Amelia was feeling pretty good today so it was more like a mommy - daughter day.

Amelia and I made Burman Breakfast Cookies and then Amelia did some arts and crafts while I cleaned and did some laundry (and took pictures). The girl did not stray very far all day. I got her to take a warm bubble bath and while she bathed I took a quick shower. While washing my hair I got a visitor. She wanted to shower too... so she did... with me.

After we were clean we got dress and blow dried our hair then did a quick Valentines Day Session in the kitchen. She was not feeling the session so there was a lot of bribery and tickles.

She also played with water beads A TON and that was her main form of entertainment today. She ate a good lunch, picnic style and even enjoyed a lunch date via FaceTime with her dad.

Amelia is a little me. This makes me adore and want to lock her in her room. We butt heads but her intelligence is ever growing and I am so excited to get her into Preschool next year!

January 21, 2017

Amelia the Artist

In the last three months Amelia has blown me away with her creativity. Her story telling, her understanding of jokes, her love of playdoh and making me cakes etc.

He skills have also grown as an artist. Drawing specifically is what has floored me. She is a child who draws what she loves and sees each day.

I thought I would share a few from this past week, I must also take a moment to thank Shelly Green for loving Amelia and giving her this outlet while she cares for her during the day. I love so much to open the daycare bag and find artwork!

She told me this picture is of her friends Graham, Reid, and Baby Davis, they are giving high fives. She then told me Graham got mad at her so she colored him out since they weren't friends. I was supportive of this aggression verses her hitting him.

Amelia got a scissors and crafts box for Christmas. This is great since I had recently been worried about her scissors skills because I NEVER let her near them. Great news, she cut 50% of this out and the glued it down and added stickers to complete the look. She them exclaimed, "Mommy, it is you with my hair!"

Simple self portrait with a signature... in her favorite color of course.

Get ready to cry. Here she drew a family picture, mommy and daddy are hugging on the left and Harrison is at mommy's leg (per usual) and Amelia has her favorite doll (purple blob on the right). Amelia said she wanted me to have this so I don't forget family. When did she turn 40? I love her heart. I also want to state for the record, kids see so much, shouldn't it be full of love!

She told me this was her, watching me. So... freaking... creepy. Notice the eyes, she has figured out that we all have pupils so you need to have more than one circle in the eye.

I will be sure to post some of Harrison's artwork, just as soon as he stops eating the crayons, markers, chalk, paint, and paper. It could be a while.

Here is a picture of the artist at work... or should I say Mermaid, whatever gets the creative juices going sister.

January 2, 2017

Winter 'Break' 2016

I am loving this time at home, but to call it a break would be a joke. There is little down time with a three year old and one year old. They keep us on our toes and doing laundry always. Ben had a schedule that allowed him 5 days in a row away from basketball and with our family. It was amazing how much time we got to spend with him.

Amelia and Harrison got so many great gifts this Christmas, they got chairs from Land of Nod, a train table, doll house, princess dress set, play roads, and that is just naming a few things! Ben wanted an Apple Watch and was able to use all his gift cards to get it! I got a lot of cute things for the house and other great personal care items that I asked for (you know you are 30 when you ask for Probiotics and fancy skin cream).

Puzzles. They are what Amelia LOVES right now, so you can imagine when I saw a jumbo santa puzzle at Goodwill for $2 I got it! Ben has helped her with it more times than I can count. Each time she completes it, we cheer.

Ornaments. I am trying to convince Ben to NOT PUT ANY ORNAMENTS on the tree next year. They all ended up on the top half of the tree and Harrison thought so many were "balls" and threw/broke them. Hank the tank throws hard.

We spent our Christmas with Rosemary and Steve, I have been doing this with the Burman Family for (Ben and I just talked this one through and we feel old) 7 years! They always amaze me with their love for me and now my babies. I mean, I was Ben's college girlfriend and they got me an embroidered stocking, I think Rosemary knew I would be staying around! Poor Rosemary was sick on Christmas day, and we went to church and then came home to relax. She recovered enough to hang out with us before we headed home.

January 1, 2017

New Job Chaos and Family Pictures

I am not going to lie, blogging might have become a chore for me. I just didn't have time for it and it felt like a weight on my shoulders. I realized as I planned cleaning lists, grocery lists, played with the kids and lived life, it was all going so fast.

This blog has been therapeutic and more than that, it has been a way to slow time down and remember the things so easily forgot.

I quit my job a Insight School of Indiana, I have so little nice to say about that job. I met a few GREAT ladies but only seeing them once a month didn't help me in the hell I was living. After a rather stressful meeting where more people complained than helped, I looked on the state job posting site. Sure enough, a local job was open right then! I didn't waste any time. I called the principal, explained my situation and he told me to apply as soon as possible.

I was hired after my interview and started the Monday after Thanksgiving. I took over for a woman who retired and was able to teach Theatre, Film and Literature, English 11, and Technical Theatre. I have loved working at Norwell High School so far. That is right, I will have now have taught at all three Wells County schools.

The kids are doing great with Shelly. I am in the process of enrolling Amelia for preschool next year, yeah, I know it is crazy early BUT all the great places fill up so fast. Harrison is walking like crazy and he cut a tooth last night, that rounds the count to 8 teeth! Ben gets a small break from grad classes as he will be doing his internship at the SW elementary school.

Enjoy some pictures from our family session, and I will be doing a "Winter Break" and "Year in Review" post in the coming days.