June 28, 2013

A Baby Story

Though this post is two weeks late.... Amelia Kay Burman was one day early.

On Wednesday June 12th, Ben and I had an appointment with Dr. Fouts and discussed the fact that my dilatation had stalled at 1 1/2 cm and Amelia was measuring at 41 weeks! We decided, since Ben was a 10 pound baby, that getting this show in the road before going over my due date would be a good idea. We opted to be induced on Thursday night, June 13th. Fun fact: June 12th is our wedding anniversary! So we went out to a fun dinner after setting up our induction time and relished in our last night as "non-parents". Happy two years of marriage to us!

We arrived at the hospital on Thursday night and I was given medicine to help "ripen" the cervix and then told to sleep all night (yeah right!) I would then be checked in the morning for progress. Well after one night, NOTHING! So another medicine that would be faster was administered twice, then they broke my water....  the worst news of the day, there was meconium in my fluid and that meant possible breathing problems for Amelia. After that news and very little dilation, Ben and I talked about how my anxiety could possibly be stalling the labor. The nurse suggested an epidural. (I DID NOT WANT THIS!)

I had planned on a NATURAL birth, with no medication, so an epidural was the last thing I wanted, but I set myself up for this decision when I opted to be induced. So we (yes we, Ben was the best support/hand holder/voice of reason) got the epidural, and thank the Lord I did! They pushed Pitocin after the epidural and things really started going, I was relaxed (minus one panic attack due to an oxygen mask) and I was able to sleep. The labor took off late afternoon and at 8pm I was measuring 7cm. Even though I couldn't feel much I was exhausted. My body was working so hard and all I wanted was more sherbet.

I was dilating about 1 cm per hour and figured at that rate this baby would be born on her due date. My wonderful nurse came to check me around 9pm and to mine and Ben's surprise... it was time to push! We were so surprised! Then reality set in for both of us. As the nurse buzzed around the room, the doctor was called, and the NICU nurses were rallied we just looked at each other in amazement and smiled. This was it, the day we had been waiting for.

Ben helped me through transition, I was shaking so bad and trying to breath to stay calm. Ben made a "birthing playlist" and got some Dave Matthews going. When the room was empty- Ben said a prayer and we had our last moment just the two of us. The nurse came in and we started pushing. As my young nurse said, "I was pushing like a Boss!" I loved her. I was so good at pushing I was told to stop pushing and wait for the doctor to arrive. (Umm, fighting the urge to push is the hardest thing in the world to do!) I began to curse the doctor's name and getting rather mean. Ben was giving me ice chips and asked if I would like him to stand across the room and throw them into my mouth, I looked at him like an idiot and started to laugh, this made me push and that was not good. I love him.

The doctor arrived, I had about three good pushes and Amelia came into the world. The pain was MINIMAL. I would do it again tomorrow. Ben, after saying he wouldn't go beyond my knee, held one of my legs, coached me through breathing and pushing and saw our angel be born! Then he cut the umbilical cord! I was so impressed. Then the longest 35 minutes of my life began. Amelia was taken to the NICU folks and they suctioned her lungs and I watched and cried to hold her, as things became less of an emergency and more routine I was talking to Ben and she turned her head and looked for that voice. She recognized my voice! Be still my heart.

Amelia Kay Burman 
7lbs 11oz 19in
June 14th 2013

I was then able to hold her, and it was EVERYTHING I had ever imagined. She didn't cry and she snuggled and the room cleared out and it was Ben, Amelia, and me. Ben said another prayer this time for our future as a family and thanks for such a smooth delivery. We spent the next few minutes staring at this baby we helped create and then at each other. The time flew by and then family came rushing in and haven't stopped since.

We have been home for almost two weeks and breastfeeding, sleeping, and changing diapers are our new hobbies. I can't imagine doing things without Ben. Thank the Lord we are on summer break. Amelia is doing great! I love her new alertness and coos. She looks JUST like Ben and loves being held. We are so lucky and blessed. Thank you for all the support and love! We are working on thank you cards!

June 4, 2013

Birthday Ben

I am a day late in posting this message: My husband is 26 and amazing. I absolutely love my husband and I would like to post the top ten reasons why I love him. I know I should tell him these things all the time, but what better day to express such admiration than his birthday (or.... the day after!)?

10. Dedication - he is so dedicated to supporting his family and his students. We come home and talk about how to better the lives of our students and players. He would never let anyone down.

9. Humor - This guy is super funny. His tweets, facebook comments, and just everyday interactions make me laugh. Lately I have to tell him not to make me laugh because I will pee myself (he even makes Amelia laugh... or have the hiccups, we aren't sure).

8. Level Minded - He always finds a way to bring me down from an angry mood or a too serious mood. He also loves to have all things level, literally. If you ask him to hang up pictures or shelves he will hate it.... but he will do it AND it will be perfectly level.

7. Music - Ben has a very interesting taste in music. He will jam out to DMB, then listen to some indy rock, then country, then rap. I love how he introduces me to new types of songs, and the intro usually goes, "I bet you could choreograph something to this song!"

6. Caring - It could be rubbing my hand when I am stressed, or loving on Grissom when he has been a good boy Ben is so caring. His family has been through so much this past few weeks and Ben stepped up and cared for me, for his mom, his father and did so much to make everyone else comfortable.

5. Winner - Ben hates losing and I have found that when he "wins" he is almost giddy. I love watching him play video games and get angry when he is losing, I also love watching him coach, football or basketball or baseball, when he is winning he is so proud! BUT when he doesn't win, he still is level minded and grows.

4. Christian - Ben has been such blessing. His spiritual strength has pulled us BOTH out of tough times. He helps me grow as a Christian woman, wife and soon mother. He prays at dinner and before bed, and the times I ask him to. He tries to set an example and has really been a leading role in my walk with Christ.

3. Family Man - Ben once told me he would never leave Indiana because he wanted to be close to help his family. As much as I was frustrated at the time, I have now grown to be appreciative of his family man mentality. I love watching him put his family first, because that means he will (and does) put us first.

2. Father - Coming off the family man, I want to praise Ben for being a wonderful father. I know Amelia is not here in person yet! But, Ben talks to her and loves her and has done so much to help me as I grow bigger and bigger.

1. Partner - I think we all need someone in life that helps you, supports you and loves you no matter what. The number one reason I love Ben, is because he is my partner. My support in everything I do. I am such a lucky woman to have married such an amazing man.

The Nursery and The Watermelon

As promised I have taken some final pictures of the nursery! Everything is finished, we have our hospital bags packed and Amelia's coming home outfit ready. We have a freezer full of meals and lots of snacks for a long few weeks.

Here are the pictures of the nursery, we used to have this room as our guest room, it was yellow, with black furniture and red/gold as the accent colors.



Hope you enjoy all the new colors, wall decor and baby stuff. Now onto some vacation pictures and the watermelon in my belly. We went up to the lake house and helped get things ready since Ben's dad is still recovering from his heart surgery! He came home a day later than planned but we were all so happy to have him home. Especially his dog Gabby. She just couldn't wait to play with him!

Pictures from the lake:
Grissom smiling for the camera!

Steve coming home from the hospital- Gabby being excited!

Food for thought, I am 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant and this baby is the size of a watermelon 19 inches long and around 7 lbs. One week and 4 days to go!