August 16, 2016

Bedtime Beauty

We got home from Abigail's birthday party on Sunday night, after bedtime. In the land of two kids, this is a scary time. Amelia was a bit of a wreck and I was very sweaty. We came inside from the car, got Jake from his 'room' [crate] and took him outside to fertilize the grass. When we got out there we saw the most beautiful sky. It was pink and purple and blue and all things cotton candy. Amelia was amazed.

I had a session that night and had my camera in my bag, so I snapped a few of her reaction. So pure, so genuine. If only we could all see the beauty in these moments and not rush off to the next thing. Thank you Amelia for teaching me something, everyday.

I am loving this stay at home gig, well until the last few days where I am chasing my tail trying to finish training, make welcome calls, and go to live meetings. I don't feel prepared, and for the first time, I don't care. I can't control it all, so I am just going to go with what I am given.

Speaking of the new job- follow along as I journal my way through the first year at I also would like to thank this job for killing my Whole30. I made it to day 15, then I had training and needed wine and pizza. Yes. Needed. heads would have rolled. I will be trying that again after Harrison's Birthday... aka Street Fair.

August 7, 2016

Harrison :: 10 Months

Well, I am super late on this post. For good reason though. I started my new job in Monday and I a swimming in trainings online. I also dread the idea of getting Hank dressed and sitting still long enough to take pictures. He is a mover now and drooling like a monster.

Harrison is 90% happy baby with the other 10% being hungry. When he is hungry he screams and yells, and slaps his hands together as if to sign "more" just LOTS MORE is expected.

He is a great traveler and rolls with the punches with nap time. He has started pooping in the bathtub. This is gross and I remember Amelia went through a similar stage. Praying his poops start to stay in the diaper. He STILL HAS NO TEETH. I swear he has been teething for roughly 5 months. Please note, this doesn't stop him from eating, he gums food to death and loves it.

Amelia jumped in on this session, so enjoy a view into my life. I will say Amelia is such a good big sister and I am beyond thrilled at how she treats her 'bubby'.

Harrison at 10 months:

He wears 18 month clothing
He will not leave socks on his feet.
He army crawls everywhere (and fast!).
He still loves cuddles when being rocked to sleep.
He is a good sleeper.
He likes to poop in the bath.
He eats all food put in front of him.
He responds to his name.
He smiles at everyone, and toys with faces.
He loves car toys (or anything with wheels).
He also loves Barbie's....
He will stand when we prop him up.
He hates being confined.
He also loves electrical outlets. (Pray for my mommy heart.)

August 4, 2016

Family Time

I love the end of the summer. Ben is usually finished with basketball duties, I am gearing up for a busy photography time and we are enjoying the calm before the storm that is the beginning of the school year.

This year we knew things were going to be crazy! I started training in Indy August 1-3. This meant very little time to enjoy our clan before putting that teacher hat back on. So we ventured to our favorite summer hang out. Loon Lake.

We were able to hang out with Rosemary and Steve for a few days then we stayed longer, just us. Have two littles is not always EASY at the lake, but when they nap well and behave, it can be heaven. It was just that. We played in the water, Harrison is loving the water these days (it is starting to feel like bath water!) and Amelia, well she is part mermaid... so it is her home.

I was able to snap a few pictures last time of Ben throwing Amelia in the air, and Harrison playing in his blow up fence area, take a look and see how we enjoyed our last days of freedom.

PS - I would also like to mention/give a huge shout out to my Benjamin Burman, he finished his first summer of Graduate school with a 4.0 G.P.A.