October 28, 2014

Swim, CL, Mom and Birthdays.

Yesterday was the first day of swim practice. As stressed as I am about having a toddler running around during practice and a husband who is also a head coach now, I must say after day one:  I LOVE MY SWIM AND DIVE GIRLS SO MUCH. I have watched my senior girls grow from awkward 8th graders to beautiful young women who are leading the team. I feel like a proud mom watching these ladies swim and laugh.

Ben and I have been working as adult volunteer leaders with Campus Life (Youth for Christ) on Monday nights with the Southern Wells High School group. So far I really enjoy seeing how Ben interacts with his students and how I fit in as Burman's wife (funny because to so many of my students he is Burman's husband). Last night there was a combined group meeting for a "Haunted Forest" with my school, Bluffton High School and Ben's school, Southern Wells High School. It was so much fun seeing the kids interact and walking through the haunted woods!

We enjoyed a great visit with my Mom last week! My mom came to stay in Bluffton, Tuesday through Saturday and it was so great to see Amelia play and love on her. They don't get to spend lots of time together and she was able to even babysit a few times. That was so helpful for us since Ben and I both had Parent/Teacher conferences that week and I had a huge presentation for work.  It was sad seeing her go, but after a trip to Colorado, AND California I am sure she was ready to sleep in her own bed!

This weekend was also our niece, Elizabeth's birthday party! It is crazy to think that I met the Seder family in Florida for Elizabeth's 3rd birthday so many year ago. Now we are able to get together at the grandparents home and celebrate together and sleep in our own beds at night. It was great seeing them and playing in the back yard after all the food, cake, and presents.

Hope you enjoyed the update, no pictures this time around, but we are getting family pictures done soon.

October 22, 2014


Just a quick shout out to my "little" brother who was named Homecoming King at this high school this past weekend, and he also submitted his Purdue University Application this weekend! Big things are happening for this stud!

October 19, 2014

Burman Banana Bread

I love alliteration. 

Any whooooo....

We have been away from home for roughly four days. I had bought bananas from Costco forgetting that we would be gone for so long. When we returned home from our mini-vaca, it was clear that I needed to make banana bread or toss the bananas. I made bread this morning. My favorite recipe yields one loaf, but I had more bananas than that, so I doubled the following recipe. As I type this we are almost already through the first loaf and it has only been 4 hours since I pulled it out of the oven. Amelia loves banana, and she loves warm bread. Combine the two and I can't keep her away.

October 18, 2014

Pumpkin Kingdom

Today we took a spur of the moment trip into Southern Wells county. We went looking for a pumpkin and found more than that! We had such a great time a Pumpkin Kingdom. We got to hold and pet animals, we picked out a few pumpkins, took way too many pictures and tasted mini donuts. Amelia had so much fun walking around and playing with the cats, dogs, chickens and other children.

There were other attractions, but something about letting a 1 year old toddle into a corn maze alone, might earn me the worst parent award for the day. They also had hay rides, again, not sure I wanted to shell out money for something my toddler might hate. She was really enjoying walking around and playing with kittens, so we enjoyed that for free and it gave me more picture opportunities as well.

I love Saturdays like this. Amelia slept in until 8:15, I love her. I woke up we watched some cartoons and I made two loaves of banana bread. I will post the recipe soon! We all sat down for breakfast and decided to go find some pumpkins. We threw on some warm clothes and headed out.

I loved our little day on the pumpkin farm. Ben actually knows the family who own the farm and has their daughter in class. They were so nice and welcoming. I will make sure we go back next year.

Teacher of the Year

Ben was honored this past Friday as Teacher of the Year by Indiana Connected Educators! The presentation of the award took place at Noblesville High School during their yearly conference. I was blown away by the professional appearance, set up and organization of then entire conference. Ben was gifted a free hotel stay, $500 gift, and a free program for his school. We also both won a few things in a drawing on Thursday!

I can't tell you how proud of this man. He kept saying "I am not doing anything special, I feel like I don't deserve this." Yes, you are doing great things Ben and even the committee that picked you said they hit gold when you were nominated.

Ben had to do a presentation as part of the award and he gave an hour presentation on what he uses in the classroom and a pep talk to teachers. "You don't have be great at EVERYTHING just pick what works and be the best at that." After being at a conference for two days and learning so much, it is just what we teachers needed to hear.

October 4, 2014

Breakfast Cookies

I forgot to mention this in my last post! This morning I made "Breakfast Cookies" and my entire household loves them. Especially a little girl named Amelia. Very simple, filling and rather nutritious if you ask me. This recipe yields roughly 8 larger cookies (probably 9 if I would stop eating the batter.)


During busy moments in the Burman family, I try to remember details so that I can share them here. This blog has been so great for family and friends, but more for me! A journal of sorts, and a record of fun events in our lives. There are so many pictures, videos, and memories of things I might have forgotten. This was a busy week, but the things I want to share a rather simple. Funny how that works out huh?

Amelia gets dropped off where I work, Bluffton High School, around 2:50 each day. She comes into the building and basically demands my (and everyone else's) attention. I honestly don't mind this at all. She provides me with a break from the chaos that is my teacher life. Sometimes I even have students come for help while she runs around my room, plays with magnets, or watches Frozen on my SMARTBoard. I love her and wish I could just bring her to school all day. 

One of my coworkers has taken a liking to Amelia, Mr. Price, and well.... Amelia LOVES him. When he comes walking down the hall she points at him, walks toward him, and lifts her arms to be picked up. I have never seen a kid like him so much! He stole a balloon for her this week. This video shows what then took place in my classroom when I should have been grading. 

Amelia also loves coloring now and it has become a "get home and let mommy relax" activity. She also loves to watch cartoons in the evenings. After dinner and bath time (then chasing a naked baby around) we let her lay on the ground and watch some Disney cartoon to wind down. I just can't get enough of her personality. She has a temper, but an even sweeter heart. Last night, Ben was at the football game, and it was time for bed. She was late to bed because we stayed up and FaceTimed Pappy and the crew. So there were tears and flailing around. I just held her across my body while humming, then she did something out of blue. Never before has she done this and it made me cry mommy tears.

Amelia took her little hands, grabbed my face gently and gave me three soft kisses on my nose. They were puckered up kisses with a small whisper of 'mwah, mwah, mwah' then she laid her head on my chest and calmly relaxed. 

Needless to say, I tried to hum through the tears and that was useless. God has blessed me with such a beautiful daughter and I am beyond excited to see her grow and mature. I pray I can lead her in a way that she will never forget how to show gentle love like she did last night.