June 28, 2014

Bridal Shower Weekend - Part 1

This has been a weekend full of family visits, and it's no over! As I wait for Amelia to fall asleep in her pack and play, in the hotel room, I will talk about our weekend so far!

We left Bluffton around 10:30am on Friday and started out towards Kettering! A few phone calls later we landed in Richmond visiting with uncle Steven and Grammy Bobbie. While there we went for a walk at Hayes Arboretum. We also at lunch and visited. When we left Amelia got a snack and watch Frozen the rest of the way to Kettering.

We then arrived in Kettering! We swam and caught up with Aunt Steffi and Grama Tera, and GG, and Aunt DD! Amelia did so good, even off her sleep schedule. We went to Bob Evans for dinner, where Amelia play with crayons for the first time! 

More about the shower on the next post! 

June 24, 2014

Quick Bath

With dinner getting more and more messy, bath time went from comforting to necessity. This girl gets dirty! At night we all pile in the bathroom (even Grissom) and play, scrub, and "Shake'm off" (this is the act of Ben shaking the water off her at the end of each bath.) I snapped a few shots tonight and thought I would share! 

Oh Grissom...
Giving daddy a 'high-five'

Amelia - 12 Months

Amelia is 1 year old.

I am not the type to tell you she is 13 months, or 36 months. To be honest, that is just too much math for me. I was never any good at my multiples of 12, so anything beyond 2 years would be confusing.

I am a bit late in posting (and taking the pictures), but life with a moving small human is just that... life on the move. I realized how far we are getting from her actual 12 month mark so I snapped some pictures after bath time tonight and I promise professional shots (from Aunt Lexie) coming soon!You will see some serious "over it" faces below. Her personality is snuggly then fierce. I love it. Here are some details about life now with a 1 year old!

Facts about Amelia:
Amelia has a temper. (Oy!)
Amelia knows so many baby signs now; "milk", "more", "please", "no", "Daddy".
Amelia likes to play on the iPad or iPhone.
Amelia loves to swim!
Amelia still sleeps great through the night.
Amelia loves cheese quesadillas (Chef Daddy Special).
Amelia is starting to like Whole Milk.
Amelia still takes a bottle to sleep (three times a day).
Amelia is standing, BUT NOT walking.
Amelia takes at least one nap a day (two if I am lucky).
Amelia loves putting things "away" basically putting toys in different places.
Amelia will be starting up on cloth diapers again very soon. We have been battling YEAST!
Amelia spent the night away from mommy and daddy and did great!
Amelia got her first sunburn, and survived (Thank's to her mom!)
Amelia loves to "read" books.
Amelia is starting to dance to music.
Amelia is starting to watch TV and/or Movies.
Amelia still loves to eat!

June 23, 2014

Youth Camp and DMB

Last week was crazy! Ben hosted his first big event as the head coach. He had youth camp, which when you don't have assistant coaches yet, an make things very complicated. He did a great job organizing and making money for the program. He is so good with kids, it makes me love him that much more.

Amelia and I went a few times to help Ben set up, tear down, and all the in between. I have been recruited to help Ben in all aspects of organizing, apparently that is a strong point for me! I am embracing the "coach's wife" title.

Coach Burman addressing the campers on the last day!

Watching the campers and daddy. 
Then this weekend we ventured to what was supposed to be Mommy & Daddy's first night away from the baby girl. Ben and I love Dave Matthews Band and they perform two shows in Noblesville almost every summer. So we got together with some old high school/college friends and enjoyed the music and some adult time. Amelia stayed with Rosemary and Steve. We knew we would be coming home Friday night but planned to stay at a friends house Saturday night. All went as planned until about 4am Sunday morning.

Ben gently woke me up from what might have been the most peaceful sleep I had encountered in one year, and asked if I would be interested in going home right then. He missed Amelia. After a brief grumble from me we agreed to leave at 5am. Somebody is a sucker for his little girl. We got home about 5:30 am, she woke up, we loved on her and she went back to sleep for a while. Then Rosemary and Steve took Millie to church while Ben and I relaxed a little longer (relax = realizing we aren't built for up all night, dancing, and partaking in a few adult beverages anymore). We then started getting antsy waiting to see Amelia after church! We miss her more than we ever thought. This little girl is just our world.

We did enjoy being "young" again but we are both content in the lives we have built. Here are some pictures from both nights, on the second night we all chipped in with our friends and got a limo to take us to and from the concert! That was amazing!

June 15, 2014

We are happily married, have a one year old, and fathers are the bomb.

I feel as though I have been neglecting the blog. Find peace in this though, it means I spend more time kissing Amelia, teaching her more baby signs, playing with her blocks and cooking lots of food for her! Amelia is not the only one occupying my time! Ben being home has given us all lots of family fun time. We are able to just pick up on an evening and play at the city pool. We grill out, play in the kiddy pool and basically enjoy each other.

This post is a catch all, Ben celebrated his 27th birthday on the June 3rd. We have been married for three amazing years on June 12th and our pride and joy, Amelia turned one on June 14th and we celebrated father's day June 15th! June is a busy month.

Our anniversary is still waiting to be celebrated... we are busier this month than I remember last year. Our anniversary started off with Ben going to basketball practice at 6:30 am, then when he returned we booked it to Northfield High School for the WISE Conference where we were presenters. (More information via this link). Then we booked it home, cleaned the house for Amelia's birthday party and I then left for a 4 hour swim meet. Sounds about right, basketball, education/technology, swimming = our marriage. Wouldn't change a thing.

Amelia is one, I will save the details about her 12 month photo shoot for a later time. Instead I will tell you about her party! It was great. My dad even surprised us coming all the way from Florida (which was great since we were able to celebrate Father's day with him!) Lots of family and friends. There was lots of food, bubbles and babies. The weather was perfect, the drinks were cold and Amelia loved her cake. I was so happy with how everything went! Here are some pictures of the day.