September 29, 2014

House Keeping....

We have made some updates to the blog, more to come during the holidays, but the big one would be our url. We are now this is a change and during the holidays we will update all photos, add labels, and even go to so be ready!

Be sure to re-save this website to your home screens! You can also follow this blog by email (see more information to the right) and you can also follow our very own hashtag! #burmanbrag.

Radio Silence

And so begins the silence that is swim and basketball season.

Amelia had her 15 month check up, complete with 4 shots. She is officially the size of a normal 2 year old. Mom slams head on desk. Seriously little girl, stop growing so fast! Her new favorite thing is walking backwards, and winking!

Friday night my school and Ben's school played in football. It was the perfect Football Friday night! Amelia made it the entire game and played so well with other kiddos. she loves running in the grass and a few times I had to catch her before she ran on the field. We wouldn't want to embarrass any high school boys with her mad skills.

We had a great stay at home kind of weekend. We did yard work, worked out, and spent a ton of time together. I love weekends like this past one! I took a mental health day on Thursday, so the house was already pretty clean and laundry was done. We got to enjoy the nice weather and each other.

On Saturday we went for a morning family walk to the Farmer's Market and Amelia passed out. We then made a big pot of chili, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, corn bread, and baked potatoes! We delivered a big meal to some friends in need of some love. Then we had Bill, Holly, and Kal over for dinner and some friend time. It is great because Holly and I talk, Bill and Ben rant, and Amelia and Kal play. Basically it is perfect!

Amelia is a sleeping fool, she took such great naps this weekend! Because of this she was in the best of moods while awake. I love each stage of her life, but right now I adore her personality. She is seriously funny, her faces.... oh the faces. I will do another photo shoot soon to capture these faces!

Cheers to Fall finally being here. Right now Ben and I are in the quiet before the storm, getting fundraisers ready, calendars solid, and uniforms/fan apparel ready. Be ready for less blog posts. Radio silence will soon come!
September 8, 2014

Save the Burman Brag....

So, some of you followers only see this blog via email. Don't forget that you can actually see our blog, the cool set up, as well as past posts at "The Burman Brag" also, some videos cannot be seen via just email! So check out or blog! If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod you can open this page in Safari and save to your home screen, the blog will save as an icon that says Burman!

Here is a video of our Friday afternoon in the sun and sprinkler. I love afternoons where we can all play, even Grissom got to play a little!